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Tinnitus Retraining

Tinnitus is characterized by hearing sounds when no external stimuli are present. The ears may sense ringing, humming, clicking, buzzing, hissing, etc. These noises might be perceived as high pitch or low pitch, loud or soft, pleasant or unpleasant. Some causes of tinnitus include noise induced hearing loss, ear infections, tumors, complications with medication, head injury, etc. An ear doctor will be able to diagnosis tinnitus. We do not require a referral. Tinnitus can interfere with a person’s ability to concentrate. Sometimes it can appear or worsen when a co-morbid condition (another mental health condition ie: anxiety, depression, etc.) is present. Tinnitus often causes sleep loss, irritation, and stress.

A combination of two strategies is used simultaneously to treat tinnitus: counseling and sound therapy. Counseling uses talk therapy to reclassify the perception of the sounds as less negative or neutral. Sound therapy works at weakening the brain activity involved when sensing these noises, so they are less intense. In cases where a co-morbid condition is present (another mental health condition), often it is found that the two conditions are linked and therefore, it is most beneficial to address both concerns.