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Single Session Counseling

Our single session Counseling is targeted therapy that allows you to get the most out of therapy in just one consultation. This can be a cost effective way for you to get help. This is an excellent form of therapy to get resolution for personal issues. An objective second opinion can be a huge help in dealing with stressful times. This form of therapy is particularly useful for people who want to work on a specific issue or a specific phobia.

Single session therapy can be a cost effective way for you to get the help you need. It provides an alternative to longer-term therapies, which may be difficult to commit to if you have a busy schedule. Short-term therapy is typically most effective for situational issues. Recent job stress, communication, specific phobia and other short term issues may benefit from targeted therapy.

When you come into the clinic you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire so that the therapist can assess you quickly and immediately begin working with you to determine a treatment plan that will work for you. This type of therapy is quick and allows you to move past short-term issues without becoming entangled in long-term therapy. We welcome you to come to our clinic and meet with our counselors. Try our single session counseling today.