Sunrise Psychology Centre Edmonton

Naznin A. Virani

Clinic Owner

Counseling for: Individuals - Couples - Children - Families

I graduated from the University of Oslo, Norway, as a Clinical Psychologist in 1995. Over the past 22 years, I have had many wonderful experiences with my clinical work. I have extensive experience from clinical work with patients, teaching, writing and public presentations. My clinical work is based on a holistic and strength based perspective, with a wonderful blend of techniques and theories that custom build each patients treatment. As a seasoned therapist ~ it is a little miracle every time someone finds renewed hope, achieves clarity and embarks on a new direction for their life.

Most importantly, I believe that psychological treatments are highly effective in treating serious conditions via evidence-based interventions, through correct diagnosis and careful treatment plans.

With a family of two children, a daughter (24) and a son (19) we have enjoyed extensive travels in Europe, Africa and India before we finally chose to settle down in Canada. My roots span over four continents and I speak 4 languages fluently. Naturally, my interest in psychology was sparked at a very early age due to a rich cultural tapestry and exposure to different peoples, religions and food traditions. I find the human condition fascinating, and I marvel at the strength of the human spirit and our constant pursuit to live happy lives.

SunRise Psychology Centre represents a very careful attempt at creating an institute embedded in the best practices of the field of Psychology. We have a wonderful team of talented and compassionate psychologists and we cover a wide range of services. If you request a specific service please, call our front desk to inquire about details regarding each clinician’s specialization. We also have a close collaboration with physicians and pediatricians at the Synergy Wellness Centre.

“Life is not about waiting till the storms pass ~ it is about dancing in the rain.”

I specialize in:

• Couples Counseling
• Premarital Counseling
• Parenting after Divorce
• Parenting Challenges
• Play Therapy
• Child & Teen Dysfunctions
• Gifted Children’s Test
• Depression & Anxiety
• Stress & Anger
• Adoption / Foster children
• Multicultural identity
• Culture and Faith Issues
• Hypnosis / Meditation
• Tinnitus Retraining Therapy