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Premarital Program

Pre-marital Counseling is a process of discovery, discussion and compromise. It creates a foundation of understanding, communication and expectations - but above all, it begins the unification in all aspects of life between two people about to embark on the journey of marriage.

Communicating is essential to any relationship and is especially important in the early stages of marriage. Many people jump into marriage without considering what kind of marriage they want. This can lead to stress, disappointment and unmet expectations when it comes time to make big decisions.

Pre-martial preparation is the most preventative measure of marital collapse, parenting dysfunction and mid-life crisis. The completion of this program also predicts to some degree career and financial success, marital satisfaction, as well as overall happiness.

We will help you plan a future together based in commitment, friendship, love, intimacy and understanding. We want to help build a strong foundation for your marriage and we'll do it using the following building blocks...

    • The Languages of Love
    • Financial Platform
    • Sex and Intimacy
    • Gender Differences
    • Time, Work, and Leisure
    • Family Dynamics and In-Laws
    • Faith, Values & Culture
    • Raising Children
    • Roles & Responsibilities

We will do in-depth interviews with you and your partner in order to evaluate potential problems and to build upon the strengths the two of you bring to the relationship. At the end of our program you will be provided with a certificate stating that you have completed the program. After the program, should you wish to see us again, you can book follow up and maintenance appointments with the therapist of your choice. This is your future why not invest in it?