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Play Therapy

Play therapy is therapy that is directed towards children and youth. This type of therapy allows children to express themselves. The fun stress-free environment allows counselors to see behaviors that may indicate problems within the child’s life. Play therapy is often used to treat social anxiety, trauma, bullying, issues caused by divorce, school or test anxiety, hyperactivity, problematic behavior, along with a variety of other issues. Play therapy can help promote self-confidence, creativity, and emotional regulation. At SunRise Psychology Centre we use art, sand, and toys to help kids express their feelings in a safe atmosphere. Play therapy is generally used for children aged 3-11, but we do have flexibility depending on their needs. For older children seeking therapy we would recommend either art therapy or more traditional therapy.

Play or art therapy can be used in conjunction with our "Parenting After Divorce" program depending on the age of the child. Family therapy is another effective treatment for children as many issues kids face are related to the family. A holistic family therapy can be used alongside play therapy as well. At SunRise we have a whole room for play therapy, filled with the tools of our trade -all the toys imaginable. Your child is sure to enjoy their time here. Play therapy is used for children because they have different ways of relating to the world than adults do. Play therapy allows children to describe, through play, what is bothering them. They can act out the current situation and possibilities for the future. Children use toys to describe what they are experiencing, facilitating healing from past stressful or traumatic experiences. Allowing the expression of feelings. Allowing the development of healthy decision-making skills. Enabling the communication of problems and concerns.