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Parenting After Divorce

Divorce is becoming more common in Canada. Statistics Canada found that 71, 269 divorces had occurred in 2005 alone. Divorce can have an adverse effect on children. A classic study by Wallerstein found that even after 25 yrs children of divorce still felt strong fears of loss, change, conflict, and expectations of failure. The effects of divorce may not appear right away and they appear differently depending on the age of the child. For most children it is the change and fear of future changes that has the biggest impact. Something as simple as "Where will I sleep?" can cause a lot of stress for a child.

It is important to maintain "normality" in the child's life. Therapy can help parents to ensure that their children cope with the divorce as well as they can. Children experience divorce in different ways. Some effects may be: acting out, headaches, stomach aches, bed wetting, fear of further losses, anger towards parents, lowered grades, higher rates of illness, and much more. It is important to note that divorce doesn’t just affect young children. In fact teens may be affected the most because they experience the biggest role change, as they may have to take on more responsibilities when they live with one parent instead of two. The best way to avoid negative consequences for your children after a divorce is to settle parental differences without fighting, make fair financial arrangements, and allow the child to have meaningful contact with both parents. Our therapists can help you navigate this tricky time to create the best possible situation for your children.