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Family Counseling

Family therapy is directed at all family members as a unit. Our therapists look at the relationship between members to establish issues in communication and trust. Sometimes the outside stresses of the world, whether that is school, work or other social engagements, can affect the stability of the family. We can help you reestablish relationships built on love, trust, and communication. No matter your age, we can make sure that you feel heard within your family. Family sessions do not have to be between young children and parents we can work with adults as well.

Regardless of what stresses you are undergoing, our therapists have dealt with it before and can do it again to improve the emotional wellbeing of your family. Some of the things that frequently bring families to our clinics include: blended family dynamics, family communication, divorce, child behaviour, grief, parenting techniques, and trauma. We have a program specifically designed for parents who have had a divorce. Our parenting after divorce program works to help children cope with the changes they are seeing in their family. For children it is vital that they know that the divorce was not their fault and that their parents both still love them. Divorce can make youth feel torn between the dividing halves of their family, which is very stressful. These changes can be very confusing for kids so it is important that they have the situation explained to them in a safe and comforting environment. Our therapists can also help divorced parents communicate and parent more effectively.