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Couples Counseling

Relationships always start out great; you see that special someone and the butterflies start up. Eventually those butterflies settle down and you move in a more comfortable, easy, slow relationship. But what if somewhere along the way you start to notice that things just aren't the way you'd like them to be? Every relationship has its bumps; we're here to help you climb over these rough patches. We can help you set goals for your relationship and we can help you meet those goals. Our qualified experts will open the lines of communication between you and your partner. We want you to be able to express to your partner your goals and desires for the relationship. This is a chance for you to change the relationship. Here at SunRise we take a holistic approach to couples therapy, we look at family dynamics, cultural upbringing, religion, job stress, infidelity, finances and a variety of other factors that may be damaging your relationship. Our goal is to help you achieve the relationship you want.